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10/15/2018 Yield Curve Review View
Date Description View
10/12/2018 QE, QT (Quantitative Tightening)… QE Again? View
10/11/2018 Going Deep with Discounted ARMs View
10/10/2018 Picking Up Yield and Limiting Your Extension Risk View
10/9/2018 Yield Curve Review View
10/5/2018 Bring A Fee Income Idea to Your Strategic Planning Session View
10/4/2018 Inflation, Inflation Expectations and Upexpected Inflation ...? View
10/3/2018 Best-Efforts vs. Guaranteed CD Issuance View
10/2/2018 Why Not Get Ahead Of It ....? View
10/1/2018 Monday's Yield Curve Review View
9/28/2018 View
9/26/2018 How Far Should We Extend on the Deposit Curve? View
9/25/2018 Where Have All the Deposits Gone? View
9/24/2018 Yield Curve Review View
9/20/2018 Movin' to the Groovin' View
9/19/2018 Don't Wait 10 Years for 3.00% View
9/18/2018 Non-rated Oklahoma Taxable Municipals are the Diamond in the Rough View
9/14/2018 Marginal Cost of a Deposit Strategy View
9/13/2018 Bloomberg Monthly Economic Survey View
9/12/2018 Barbell Strategy: Income from the Long End View
9/11/2018 Barbell Strategy: Cash Flows for the Short End View
9/11/2018 Non-rated Oklahoma Taxable Municipals are the Diamond in the Rough View
9/10/2018 Yield Curve Review View
9/7/2018 BNControl Demonstration at Country Club Bank October 4, 2018 View
9/6/2018 No Time Like the Present View
9/5/2018 Why Wait 21 Days? View
9/4/2018 Yield Curve Review View
8/29/2018 "AN ARM REVIEW" View
8/28/2018 How Many More? View
8/24/2018 A Municipal Traders Perspective View
8/23/2018 Who Doesn't Like Free Money? View
8/22/2018 Working Up A Deposit Special to WOW Your Retail Customers? View
8/21/2018 Curve Flattening Continues View
8/20/2018 Monday Yield Curve Review View
8/17/2018 Liquidity is an Ongoing Issue View
8/16/2018 We've Got Your Lily Pad! View
8/15/2018 Bond Laddering Works (too bad so many investors don't understand why) View
8/14/2018 A Bear Bond Market Lesson: Discounted Callables Have Value View
8/10/2018 How to Create Efficiency?.....Remove Steps in Your Process View
8/9/2018 Don't Say We Didn't Tell You! View
8/8/2018 Comparing Apples to Apples View
8/7/2018 A Credit Ratings Refresher View
8/6/2018 Yield Curve Review View
8/3/2018 Heads You Win…..Tails You Win? View
8/2/2018 MBS: Up in Coupon, Up in Value View
8/1/2018 A Nice Bullet Option View
7/31/2018 Will Fed Chairman Powell Continue the Rate Hikes? View
7/30/2018 Yield Curve Review View
7/27/2018 A Municipal Traders Perspective View
7/26/2018 What Were You Doing Back In 2008? View
7/25/2018 Looking For Cheap, Simple And Fast Way To Raise Liquidity View
7/24/2018 Yield, Cash Flow and Little Extension Risk View
7/23/2018 Yield Curve Review View
7/20/2018 Trapped With High Cost Funds & Slower Loan Growth View
7/19/2018 Where to Find Value in Municipals View
7/18/2018 High Coupon, Worth the Premium? View
7/17/2018 Short Bullets, Long Callables View
7/16/2018 Yield Curve Review View
7/10/2018 Taxable Municipals with a Kick View
7/6/2018 On Being a Great Listener View
7/5/2018 Fund Pressures View
7/3/2018 More Fodder for the FED View
7/2/2018 Yield Curve Review View
6/29/2018 Time to Add Call Protection to Portfolios? A Historic Perspective… View
6/28/2018 Addressing Liquidity Issues View
6/27/2018 Will Tariff Troubles Send Rates Lower? View
6/26/2018 Why is the Ten Year Treasury Yielding Less Than 3%? View
6/25/2018 Yield Curve Review View
6/22/2018 A Municipal Traders Perspective View
6/21/2018 Home Prices Miss As Mortgage Rates Increase View
6/20/2018 Inversion 3bps Away View
6/19/2018 U.S. and China View
6/18/2018 Yield Curve Review View
6/15/2018 Narrowing Spread and Margin...Sound Familiar? View
6/14/2018 Bloomberg Monthly Economic Survey View
6/13/2018 Driving Portfolio Income View
6/12/2018 FDIC Insured CDs Revisited View
6/11/2018 Yield Curve Review View
6/7/2018 Now or Later View
6/6/2018 All Eyes on the Fed View
6/5/2018 Funding Deposits in a Rising Rate Environment View
6/1/2018 Turbo Charged Fed Tightening… View
5/31/2018 Will the Long End of the Curve Follow the Short End Higher? View
5/30/2018 What a Crazy Week for Bonds... View
5/29/2018 Yield Curve Review View
5/25/2018 Municipal Trader's Perspective View
5/24/2018 Muni Bonds: The Lost Chapter of Life On The Mississippi View
5/23/2018 Staying Afloat With Your Contingency Liquidity Policy View
5/22/2018 What Goes Up, Does (Often) Come Down View
5/21/2018 Yield Curve Review View
5/18/2018 A Trader's Perspective View
5/17/2018 Fed Continues On Its Path View
5/16/2018 Earnings View
5/15/2018 Supply And Demand View
5/14/2018 Yield Curve Review View
5/11/2018 How A You Pricing Your Loans? View
5/10/2018 Stability of Rates View
5/9/2018 What Else Can Be Learned View
5/8/2018 What is the Yield Curve Telling Us? View
5/7/2018 Yield Curve Review View
5/3/2018 Time to Step-Up? View
5/2/2018 CMO's - Time to Rethink View
5/1/2018 Another Rate Hike Coming? View
4/27/2018 Will History Repeat Itself...? View
4/26/2018 3.15% Yield and GNMA View
4/25/2018 10 Year 3.5% FNMA View
4/24/2018 Playing the Taxable Municipal Market View
4/23/2018 Yield Curve Review View
4/20/2018 A Municipal Traders Perspective… View
4/19/2018 Comparing Cashflow View
4/18/2018 Short Bullet Structure, With More Yield? View
4/17/2018 Taxable Muni Advantage for Bank Portfolios View
4/16/2018 Yield Curve Review View
4/13/2018 A Quick Glance at "Adequate Liquidity", Yet Again View
4/12/2018 An Even Better Way To Prepare For Higher Rates View
4/11/2018 One Way To Prepare For Higher Rates View
4/10/2018 Is Your Portfolio Prepared For The Next 30+ Years? View
4/9/2018 Yield Curve Review View
4/6/2018 What if you knew what you didn't know? View
4/5/2018 Casting-Out the Curve... View
4/4/2018 Sooner or Later, Something's Gotta Give... View
4/3/2018 Have We Seen This Movie Before...? View
4/2/2018 Yield Curve Review View
3/27/2018 Are interest Rates destined to go up? View
3/23/2018 A Municipal Traders Perspective View
3/22/2018 Reading the FOMC... Hawk or Dove View
3/21/2018 Standby for Hawkish Fed View
3/20/2018 BQs in Short Supply View
3/19/2018 Yield Curve Review View
3/16/2018 Opportunity in Lower Priced ARMs View
3/15/2018 FOMC Projections View
3/14/2018 Bank Qualified New Issue View
3/13/2018 Supply & Demand View
3/12/2018 Yield Curve Review View
3/8/2018 Check CRA Off The List for 2018 View
3/7/2018 Pass Through Pools +50 On The Year View
3/6/2018 Finding Value In Municipals View
3/5/2018 Yield Curve Review View
3/2/2018 Focus on Core View
3/1/2018 Keeping Strategy Simple in a Not So Certain Market View
2/28/2018 Rates Set to Rise in a Controlled Fashion…Cash Flow is King! View
2/27/2018 What Goes Up…Might Just Continue To Go Up, And Up, And Up! View
2/26/2018 Yield Curve Review View
2/21/2018 Bond Market Carnage Continues View
2/16/2018 A Municipal Traders Perspective View
2/15/2018 Taxable Equivalent Yields View
2/14/2018 What Worked in 2013/2014? View
2/13/2018 The Seven Year Itch...Scratch It! View
2/12/2018 Yield Curve Review View
2/9/2018 BNControl Demonstration at Country Club Bank, March 6, 2018 View
2/8/2018 Yield Seekers Search for FFIEC Pass View
2/7/2018 FNMA DUS-A MBS Pool with Stable Cashflow View
2/6/2018 Taxable Municipal Bonds Should Be On Your Radar View
2/5/2018 Yield Curve Review View
2/2/2018 A Quick Glance at "Adequate Liquidity", Again View
2/1/2018 Go Down In Coupon? View
1/31/2018 Reviewing Conditional Prepayment Rate View
1/30/2018 Extension Risk View
1/29/2018 Yield Curve Review View
1/26/2018 The Citi Economic Surprise Index View
1/25/2018 Do You Have Enough Cash Flow? View
1/24/2018 Want a 3,00% 4 Year FHLB? View
1/23/2018 Creative yet Plain Vanilla View
1/22/2018 Yield Curve Review View
1/19/2018 Analyzing The Return On Municipal Bonds View
1/18/2018 Deciphering New Tax Rules For Sub S Banks View
1/17/2018 Good News/Questions - The Tax Reform Bill View
1/12/2018 Case Study: The Rise and Fall of Hudson City Saving Bank View
1/11/2018 Play Defense with Rising Rates View
1/10/2018 This Security Works if Rates Go Up or Down View
1/9/2018 Focus on CRA Pools Early in the Year to Ensure Availability View
1/8/2018 Yield Curve Review View
1/5/2018 BNControl Demonstration at Country Club Bank , March 6, 2018 View
1/4/2018 Data Dependent, but.... View
1/3/2018 The Foreseeable Future...? View
1/2/2018 Yield Curve Review View
12/29/2017 Happy New Year View
12/28/2017 Another Year Down View
12/27/2017 Year-End Liquidity and Opportunities View
12/26/2017 Yield Curve Review View
12/22/2017 A Municipal Traders Perspective View
12/20/2017 Warning Speed Trap Ahead View
12/19/2017 2018 No Regrets View
12/18/2017 Yield Curve Review View
12/14/2017 Fed Raises Overnight Funds Target; how does this effect your game plan? View
12/12/2017 Looking Forward, What Should We Do? View
12/8/2017 212 Degrees View
12/7/2017 Fed Raises Target Rate Again Next Week….Is It a Mistake? View
12/6/2017 Revisiting Ten Years Ago.... View
12/5/2017 Waiting on Tax Reform View
12/4/2017 Yield Curve Review View
12/1/2017 New Conforming Loan Limits for Fannie Mae and FHLMC View
11/30/2017 "Taxman" View
11/29/2017 Seamless Transition? View
11/28/2017 Supply and Demand View
11/27/2017 Yield Curve Review View
11/24/2017 CECL: How Can We Help? View
11/22/2017 Higher Rates are Allowing You to Step Up Your Coupon Game! View
11/21/2017 Short/Intermediate Treasuries are Screaming “BUY” View
11/20/2017 Monday's Yield Curve Review View
11/17/2017 A Trader's Perspective View
11/16/2017 Extraordinary Redemption Provisions (ERP) View
11/15/2017 Prepping for Year-End View
11/14/2017 Get Outta That Hot Pot View
11/9/2017 Low Volatility View
11/8/2017 Market Expectations…. Or the Fed? View
11/7/2017 Consider DUS Bonds, at a Discount View
11/6/2017 Monday's Yield Curve Review View
11/3/2017 A Municipal Traders Perspective View
11/2/2017 Interest Rates Rising Overseas and Trump is Set to Nominate Powell as the Next Fed Chair View
11/1/2017 CRA Investments? View
10/31/2017 Watch the Yield Curve... View
10/30/2017 Yield Curve Review View
10/27/2017 2017 Coming to an End View
10/26/2017 A Warning from Moody’s Investor Service … View
10/25/2017 A Time for Everything … View
10/24/2017 Higher Spreads … or Higher Yields? View
10/23/2017 Yield Curve Review View
10/20/2017 Fly the W View
10/19/2017 Moving Up in Coupon on Mortgage Pools View
10/18/2017 GNMA Arms are Worth a New Look View
10/17/2017 A Taxable Municipal Bond With A Twist View
10/16/2017 Yield Curve Review View
10/13/2017 A Traders Perspective View
10/11/2017 Value in an "Oversold" Market View
10/10/2017 Yield Curve Review View
10/6/2017 Improving Your Bank's Overall Efficiencies View
10/5/2017 When Buying Municipal Bonds Compare Tax Equivalent Yields View
10/4/2017 Achieving the Best Taxable Equivalent Yield View
10/3/2017 Municipal Bonds = Tax Free Bonds View
10/2/2017 Portfolio Manager's Report - Yield Curve Review View
9/29/2017 The "Liquidity Light" is Starting to "Blink" for Some Banks! View
9/28/2017 Cheaper and ... Steeper? View
9/27/2017 Trump Bump Strikes Again View
9/26/2017 Pre-refunded Municipal Bonds: Treasury Debt in Disguise View
9/25/2017 Yield Curve Review View
9/22/2017 What Part of Low Inflation Does the Fed Not Understand? View
9/21/2017 The Unwind View
9/20/2017 T Minus 3 Hours View
9/19/2017 New Issue Kansas BQ View
9/18/2017 Yield Curve Review View
9/15/2017 Municipal Traders Perspective View
9/14/2017 What-If? View
9/13/2017 Shape of the Yield Curve View
9/12/2017 Using Current Rates To Your Advantage View
9/11/2017 Yield Curve Review View
9/6/2017 Flight to Quality View
9/5/2017 Yield Curve Review View
9/1/2017 What's 2+2 View
8/31/2017 Markets Remain Calm Despite Uncertainties View
8/30/2017 U.S. Housing Market Continues to Rise View
8/29/2017 What a Long Strange Ride It's Been View
8/28/2017 Monday's Yield Curve Review View
8/25/2017 Municipal Traders Perspective View
8/24/2017 All Eyes and Ears on Jackson Hole, Wyoming Tomorrow... View
8/23/2017 Zero Percent Risk Based GNMA at Fannie/Freddie Prices….. View
8/22/2017 Is the 10YR Treasury Trying to Tell Us Something? View
8/21/2017 Yield Curve Review View
8/18/2017 New Liquidity Forecasting Tool View
8/17/2017 The Lily Pad You Were Looking For View
8/15/2017 Your Give Up Yield Is Your Borrowing Cost View
8/14/2017 Yield Curve Review View
8/11/2017 U.S. Agency Trader's Perspective View
8/10/2017 A Purchase to Consider - 10 Yr 3% Pool View
8/9/2017 Buyer Beware - Part 2: Reverse Mortgage Backed Securities View
8/8/2017 Buyer Beware - Part 1 View
8/7/2017 Monday Yield Curve Review View
8/3/2017 The Dog Days of Summer scream for getting rid of some DOGS! View
8/2/2017 More Favorable Treatment for INtereest Rate Swaps Approved View
8/1/2017 Big Changes Ahead for Markets View
7/31/2017 Monday Yield Curve Review View
7/28/2017 New Issue BQ Municipal Calendar and the Impact of Low Supply View
7/27/2017 Today’s Topic: Curve Compression …? View
7/26/2017 Today's Topic: The FOMC Take-away... View
7/25/2017 Today's Topic: Higher for Longer...? View
7/24/2017 Monday's Yield Curve Review View
7/21/2017 Adjusting to Today's Market View
7/20/2017 CRA Targeted Mortgage Backed Securities View
7/19/2017 Picking Up Yield & Quality in the Municipal Market View
7/18/2017 CD Swap Opportunities View
7/17/2017 Yield Curve Review View
7/14/2017 Timing The Market vs Time Spent Invested View
7/13/2017 U.S. Economic Forecasts: Bloomberg Monthly Survey View
7/12/2017 One Bond For All Convictions View
7/11/2017 A Trust Department Municipal View
7/10/2017 Yield Curve Review View
7/7/2017 Have You Considered Safe Harbor? View
7/6/2017 Municipal Credit Problems In The News (And Some Will Surprise You) - Part 2 View
7/5/2017 Municipal Credit Problems In The News (And Some Will Surprise You) View
7/3/2017 Yield Curve Review View
6/30/2017 Municipal Trader's Perspective View
6/29/2017 A Stepped-Up Opportunity View
6/27/2017 A Good Time to Sell? View
6/26/2017 Yield Curve Review View
6/19/2017 Monday's Yield Curve Review View
6/15/2017 FED FORGES ON! View
6/14/2017 Lack of Yield Curve View
6/13/2017 One More and Done? View
6/12/2017 Yield Curve Review View
6/9/2017 Fee Income with High Impact on Customers View
6/8/2017 Bond and Equity Volatility Measures Make New Lows View
6/7/2017 The Flattening Yield Curve View
6/6/2017 Fed Goes Up---Longer Rates Go Down. Why? View
6/5/2017 Yield Curve Review View
6/2/2017 Market Opportunites View
6/1/2017 How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Market! View
5/31/2017 Are You Ready For Declining Rates? View
5/30/2017 Yield Curve Review View
5/26/2017 A Municipal Trader's Perspective View
5/25/2017 Want Low Price Funding YOU Control…Let Us Help! View
5/24/2017 Free Loan Pricing Tool... View
5/23/2017 If Your Loan Portfolio is Shifting to Fixed, Find Your Adjustable Assets Here! View
5/22/2017 Yield Curve Review View
5/19/2017 Time To Get On the CD Train View
5/18/2017 The One Week Market View
5/17/2017 Mark Twain and Muni Bonds View
5/16/2017 Where The Fed's Reinvestment Plan Fits In Your Liquidity Forecast View
5/15/2017 Yield Curve Review View
5/12/2017 Liquidity issues are alive and well! View
5/11/2017 Commodities Signaling Lower Rates? View
5/10/2017 Dangerous “Flat Curve” Ahead! View
5/9/2017 Friday Unemployment Report View
5/8/2017 Yield Curve Review View
5/5/2017 BNControl Demonstration at Country Club Bank on Tuesday, May 2 View
5/4/2017 Review Your Municipal Credits View
5/3/2017 Fed Funds Futures Signal No May Rate Hike View
5/2/2017 Investors Lower Inflation Expectations View
5/1/2017 Yield Curve Review View
4/28/2017 It's Draft Week... View
4/27/2017 The Tax Plan Cometh ... View
4/26/2017 Does the Recent Rally in Bonds Have Legs …? View
4/25/2017 Quantitative Tightening...? View
4/24/2017 Yield Curve Review View
4/21/2017 Municipal Trader's Perspective View
4/20/2017 Helping Control Funding Costs View
4/19/2017 Swap Your CD Rate View
4/18/2017 Your Contingency Liquidity Policy View
4/17/2017 Yield Curve Review View
4/14/2017 Spring Cleaning For Your Bond Portfolio View
4/13/2017 U.S. Economic Forecasts: Bloomberg Monthly Survey View
4/12/2017 Staying Fully Invested View
4/11/2017 Yield Curve Review View
4/10/2017 Take a Look at FDIC Insured CDs View
4/7/2017 Improving Productivity by Reducing Employee Financial Stress View
4/3/2017 Yield Curve Review View
3/31/2017 A Municipal Trader's Perspective View
3/30/2017 Britain Just Wrote the EU a Breakup Letter. Now What? View
3/29/2017 The FOMC’s Impact on Treasury Markets View
3/28/2017 A Remedy for your CRA Headache View
3/27/2017 Yield Curve Review View
3/24/2017 Managing your balance sheet for rising rates and increasing loan demand.......Update. View
3/23/2017 Difficult to Find, But Worth it... View
3/20/2017 Yield Curve Review View
3/17/2017 Hope Springs Eternal View
3/16/2017 Fed Raises Overnight Funds Target; how does this effect your game plan? View
3/15/2017 The 5 year and 10 year treasuries have eased up from year end levels... View
3/14/2017 Baby Steps or the beginning of an avalanche? View
3/13/2017 Yield Curve Review View
3/10/2017 Thinking about automating BSA Compliance? View
3/9/2017 Hidden Inflation View
3/8/2017 A world's worth of difference View
3/7/2017 "Changes in attitude" View
3/6/2017 Yield Curve Review View
3/3/2017 A Municipal Trader's Perspective View
3/2/2017 Bank Stocks Leading the Stock Market Boom View
3/1/2017 Economic Indicators Raising Fed Rate Increase Probability View
2/28/2017 Jeffrey Gundlach Sees “Stealth Flight to Safety” in Bonds View
2/27/2017 Yield Curve Review View
2/24/2017 Reviewing Key Assumptions in ALM Reporting View
2/23/2017 A Report from the ABA National Conference for Community Bankers View
2/22/2017 Looking for a CREATIVE way to ENHANCE your portfolio YIELD? Have you considered NBQ? View
2/21/2017 Yield Curve Review View
2/17/2017 A Trader's Perspective View
2/16/2017 You Haven’t Seen This Lately! View
2/15/2017 Janet Yellen Predicts the Future (or just jawboning?) View
2/14/2017 Taxable Equivalent Yields and the Trump White House View
2/13/2017 Yield Curve Review View
2/10/2017 Think Differently View
2/9/2017 Trump Effect Fading? View
2/8/2017 Another Adjustable Rate Security Option View
2/7/2017 Riding the Curve View
2/6/2017 Yield Curve Review View
2/3/2017 A Municipal Trader's Perspective View
2/2/2017 Prepayments by Issuer View
2/1/2017 HYBRID ARM Prepay Speeds... View
1/31/2017 How will the new administration affect Interest Rates and the Stock Market in 2017? View
1/30/2017 Yield Curve Review View
1/27/2017 A Trader's Perspective View
1/26/2017 Another Reason to Think Twice … View
1/25/2017 On the Other Hand ... View
1/24/2017 Thinking Twice .... View
1/23/2017 Yield Curve Review View
1/20/2017 A Municipal's Trader's Perspective View
1/19/2017 Mortgage Pools That Don't Extend View
1/18/2017 Time to Watch that Extension Risk View
1/17/2017 Yield Curve Review View
1/17/2017 Regression Analysis 1/17/17 View
1/13/2017 Profit You Control in a Changing Rate Environment View
1/12/2017 A Long Term Investment Alternative View
1/11/2017 A Mid Term Investment Alternative View
1/10/2017 A Short Term Investment Alternative View
1/9/2017 Yield Curve Review View
1/6/2017 Looking for a Competitive Edge in 2017 View
1/5/2017 FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS (Part 2) View
1/3/2017 Yield Curve Review View
12/30/2016 Happy New Year View
12/29/2016 A Look Back at 2016 View
12/28/2016 More Good News for the Economy View
12/27/2016 Yield Curve Review View
12/23/2016 Merry Christmas View
12/22/2016 Ready for Some Long Bonds? View
12/21/2016 U.S. Economic Forecasts: Bloomberg Monthly Survey View
12/20/2016 Trend or Opportunity? View
12/19/2016 Yield Curve Review View
12/16/2016 Liquidity may be a looming issue... View
12/15/2016 Reaction to a Fed Rate Hike? Follow your game plan, don't panic! View
12/14/2016 Invest when you have the funds...not when rates "go up"... View
12/13/2016 What to expect when the Fed raises rates this week...Not Much! View
12/12/2016 Yield Curve Review View
12/9/2016 Having a Third Space View
12/8/2016 Pricing in too much?? View
12/7/2016 Safe Alternatives View
12/6/2016 Round Trip!! View
12/5/2016 Yield Curve Review View
12/2/2016 A Trader's Perspective View
12/1/2016 A Tool To Improve Market Timing of Purchases - Regression Analysis View
11/30/2016 Long Term Trend for Bonds View
11/29/2016 Bond Portfolio Pricing Changes Last 30 Days, WOW! View
11/28/2016 Yield Curve Review View
11/8/2016 52 Days and Counting View
11/7/2016 Yield Curve Review View
11/4/2016 Are you looking for new sources of Fee Income? View
11/3/2016 An Anchor In Choppy Seas View
11/2/2016 The Mortgage Security That Doesn't Extend View
11/1/2016 Cash Flow is King as Rates Edge Higher View
10/31/2016 Yield Curve Review View
10/28/2016 Uncle Sam has a debt problem View
10/26/2016 Swim in the shallow waters... View
10/25/2016 Rate increase in December! Whoa, not so fast--- View
10/24/2016 Yield Curve Review View
10/21/2016 A Municipal Trader's Perspective View
10/20/2016 FEDERAL RESERVE View
10/19/2016 FEDERAL RESERVE View
10/18/2016 What is the purpose of the Federal Reserve System? View
10/17/2016 Yield Curve Review View
10/14/2016 8 great reasons to consider issuing CD's to fulfill your liquidity needs View
10/13/2016 Higher Borrowing Cost View
10/12/2016 Perhaps It's Different This Time, But If Not...? View
10/11/2016 Yield Curve Review View
10/7/2016 Fee Income...Add a New Product View
10/6/2016 Monetary Policy and Politics View
10/5/2016 A Gift from the Mortgage Market View
10/4/2016 Time to Fix Duration Drift? View
10/3/2016 Yield Curve Review View
9/30/2016 Testing Critical ALM Assumptions View
9/26/2016 Yield Curve Review View
9/23/2016 Differences in Yield calculations between UBPR and Bond Accounting View
9/22/2016 Groundhog Day at Home, Interesting Times in Japan View
9/21/2016 A Southern Housing Tumble View
9/20/2016 Don't Forget About Japan View
9/19/2016 Yield Curve Review View
9/16/2016 Municipal Creditworthiness Update View
9/15/2016 An Additional Funding Option- Brokered CDs View
9/14/2016 Waiting for your loan pipeline to fund? Put cash to work in RARE 10YR Pool... View
9/13/2016 Making Banking Easy Again... View
9/12/2016 Yield Curve Review View
9/9/2016 Bring a Fee Income Idea to Your Strategic Planning Session View
9/8/2016 Consider ARMs View
9/7/2016 Loan Pricing continues to be a "hot topic"... View
9/6/2016 Yield Curve Review View
9/2/2016 Arming Your Portfolio View
9/1/2016 MAGIC NUMBER??? View
8/31/2016 LIBOR Craze View
8/30/2016 FOMC Update View
8/29/2016 Yield Curve Review View
8/29/2016 Regression Analysis 8/29/16 View
8/26/2016 Some thoughts on Municipal Bonds... is supply an issue? View
8/25/2016 The Fundamentals For Bank Balance Sheets View
8/24/2016 Agricultural Credit Conditions and Bank Borrowings View
8/23/2016 We Are Data Dependent On A Federal Reserve Interest Rate Move View
8/22/2016 Yield Curve Review View
8/19/2016 Structuring and pricing loans, analyze your options! View
8/18/2016 "Just when you thought it was safe..." View
8/17/2016 Do You PARs? View
8/16/2016 Keeping good ALCO minutes...boring...but necessary! View
8/15/2016 Yield Curve Review View
8/12/2016 Looking for clues on our economy View
8/11/2016 The Lily Pad You Were Looking For View
8/10/2016 Elvis Presley Fans and Municipal Bonds - They Can't Be Wrong! View
8/9/2016 Still Less Than a 50% Chance for a Rate Hike in 2016 View
8/8/2016 Yield Curve Review View
8/5/2016 Municipal Bond Insurance Update View
8/4/2016 Life Is Good For Microsoft View
8/3/2016 Donald Trump and Bill Gross Market Comments View
8/2/2016 Bank of England Expected to Cut Key Rate, Fed's Dudley Hints Fed Increase by Yearend View
8/1/2016 Yield Curve Review View
7/27/2016 An Intelligent Solution to a Difficult Circumstance... View
7/25/2016 Yield Curve Review View
7/22/2016 Stress Testing View
7/21/2016 How to Protect Your Portfolio Now for Higher Rates Later View
7/20/2016 The Case for 3% Coupon, 20yr (FINAL) US Agency MBS Pools View
7/19/2016 Regression Analysis View
7/18/2016 Yield Curve Review View
7/15/2016 Inverted? View
7/11/2016 Yield Curve Review View
7/8/2016 4 Key Ingredients to the Secret Sauce of Referrals View
7/7/2016 A Look on the Brighter Side ... View
7/6/2016 It's Official ... In case you missed it. View
7/5/2016 Yield Curve Review View
7/1/2016 Independence Day View
6/30/2016 An eye opening update on the Fed Fund Futures Market… View
6/29/2016 Price Risk...? View
6/28/2016 A Difference in Perspective View
6/27/2016 Yield Curve Review View
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5/11/2016 Municipal Bond Markets Returning to Normal (part Deux!) View
5/10/2016 Municipal Bond Markets are returning to Normal View
5/10/2016 Municipal Bond Markets are returning to Normal View
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2/18/2016 PART II - Strategies for “Rate Dips”…be prepared! View
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8/13/2014 Demystifying “Give Up Yield” View
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3/15/2012 Continue To Cost-Average; It is the Only Choice View
3/14/2012 Managing Net Interest Income-Emphasis On Loan Pricing View
3/13/2012 Managing Net Interest Income-Review Your Balance Sheet View
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2/29/2012 What is The New Normal and Do You Believe It? View
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12/7/2011 Set Some Guidelines for the 1st Quarter, and Beyond: Part II View
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4/21/2011 Standard & Poor's Revises GRE's Outlook to Negative Following U.S. Government Outlook Revision to Ne View
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2/2/2011 Municipal Bonds: Value in the Ruins View
2/1/2011 Municipal Bonds: Value in the Ruins View
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7/15/2010 Government Guarantee and a Short Average Life View
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7/13/2010 Fed Has No Plans for Further Monetary Easing View
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6/30/2010 This is Easy to Miss Each Month...Monthly Bond Portfolio Pricing View
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6/2/2010 Think Ahead; Communicate With Your Board Regarding Today's Strategies View
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10/8/2008 Central Banks Lower Rates in Coordinated Move View
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7/24/2008 FNMA 5/1 LIBOR ARM View
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7/22/2008 Trouble for the American Consumer View
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7/17/2008 U.S. Consumer Prices Climb by the Most Since 2005 View
7/16/2008 U.S. Consumer Prices Climb by the Most Since 2005 View
7/15/2008 GNMA Arms Are 100% Government Guaranteed View
7/14/2008 Yield Curve Review View
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7/10/2008 Fed's Bernanke and Treasury's Paulson Testify in Washington View
7/9/2008 Good News! The U.S. Dollar Holds It's Value View
7/8/2008 Commodity Index Up 50% Over Last Summer's Level View
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4/16/2008 Housing Starts Drop to Lowest Levels in 17 Years View
4/15/2008 Producer Price Index Reported Higher….CPI Report Tomorrow View
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4/10/2008 Bernanke Points to Lower Rates in 2008 View
4/10/2008 Bernanke Points to Lower Rates in 2008 View
4/9/2008 Curtailed Lending May Fuel Recession View
4/8/2008 Understanding the FOMC View
4/7/2008 Yield Curve Review View
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3/13/2008 Volatility and Uncertainty are the Only Constants View
3/12/2008 Fed May Hike $200 Billion Program Initiated Yesterday View
3/11/2008 Fed Makes Bold Move View
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3/6/2008 Don't Extend Too Far at This Point in the Rate Cycle View
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1/10/2008 "Stagflation" Threatens U.S., According to Barclays Capital View
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