Interest rate risk management can be
profitable and functional.

See for yourself with a FREE, no-obligation Deposit Rate Sensitivity Analysis on YOUR bank.

AMG can give you the critical information you need, to stay profitable and in compliance. Our Asset Liability Management Service keeps you better informed to manage the future impact of changing interest rates.
It's an easy-to-use turn-key solution for your

With AMG's ALMService you can:
  • Manage what you can control — pricing
  • Stay better informed
  • Uncover a clearer aggregate rate to drive greater profitability
  • Gain specific strategies and projections
  • Stay current to comply with regulations and accounting
  • Helps you prepare for ALCO team meetings
  • With just one basis point increase in margin,
    AMG easily pays for itself!
AMG's ALMS Reports
Because better information and analysis means better decisions.
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Bank Performance
Compares FDIC banks to those with AMG's ALMService

Return on Equity

Earnings pressures have been persistent for banks the past few years, however banks using AMG's Asset Liability Management Service have consistently outperformed their peers.