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CM Representative Event Location Date
Aaron Stoffer Managing the Balance Sheet for Rising Rates and Growing Loan Demand Kansas City, MO 2/15/2017
Jeff Goble Five Keys for a Top-Performing Bond Portfolio Kansas City, MO 4/28/2016
Chris Morgan End of the Year Opportunities as we Plan for 2016...Yes, 2016 is almost here! Kansas City, MO 11/18/2015
Josh Kiefer Muni Pre/Post Purchase Analysis...Don't Pay for it! Kansas City, MO 9/17/2015
Chris Thompson Webinar: How to Minimize Taxes and Maximize Portfolio Income Kansas City 4/27/2015
Chris Thompson Webinar: 939a Due Diligence and Excess Funds... What to do?! Kansas City 3/5/2013
Chris Thompson Webinar: High Grade Fixed Income Review and Preview Kansas City 1/26/2012
Chris Thompson Bernanke Signs "Twist and Shout!" (ya wanna dance?) n/a 9/28/2011
Chris Thompson Webinar: Beware the Ides of March n/a 3/10/2011
Chris Thompson Webinar: Dude, Where's the Recovery? n/a 6/23/2010
Chris Thompson Webinar: 2010 High Grade Bond Portfolio Strategies n/a 1/29/2010